trupti satardekar
I’m Trupti.
That’s what my parents named me, it goes as my identity and the first thing that I take to introduce myself.
Beyond the name and the place, it comes up to be a tough task to describe oneself, in a few paragraphs and decorating it with fancy adjectives. We need to look at the achievements we have done in the past years to add them as badges to our profile. However it appears to me that I haven’t achieved anything significant other than surviving and proving as a stubborn child of my humble parents and always taking the road less traveled by my elder and rather rational siblings.
My life has been ordinary. I completed my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering , soon after which I started work as a Software Developer and continued doing so for 10 years. In the span of my working career I've switched between 4 companies, moved to live in Pune for 5 years and followed by Germany, Europe.
I've lived 3 decades on this earth and I have tried my hands on software development, designing, Photoshop, photography, travelling & exploring, doodling, drawing, volleyball, badminton, yoga, also playing harmonium & Kathak during my school days. I have been cooking for 5+ years, even though when asked for the liking, my answer is “If I had to choose the top 20 things I like, cooking won’t stand in those 20s”. Being an Asian living in Europe I had no choice but to be innovative to make my food interesting. So for now I would also include cooking as one of the things I tried my hands on.
I have and I am still working on enhancing my creative skills. I did well at some, failed at some, left a few long behind and still trying some. However my constant is my ability to express myself by writing. Being an Ambivert (60% introvert + 40 extrovert), I find it tough sometimes to express verbally and in such situations, writing comes magically to me and is quite meditative for my ever thinking mind.
And while I spend the rest of my decades on this earth, I would use my blog as a catalog to my attempts in this world of infinite possibilities.
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